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IntelliGas and High Density CNG (HDCNG)



Truck Booster System

Refuelling Depot


The IntelliGas Group (comprising iGas Energy Holdings Limited and associated Companies), is a privately owned Australian gas technology specialist which has developed a world patented suite of components and processes for the production, storage, dispensing, processing and utilisation of High Density Compressed Natural Gas (HDCNG™).

HDCNG™  provides a credible and economic alternative to liquid fuels for heavy duty trucks and other high horsepower applications, both fixed and mobile including road, rail, mines trucks and power generation, and does so without the complexity of cryogenic solutions such as LNG or the limited capacity of CNG.

The IntelliGas systems use conventional CNG designs interwoven with a number of  HDCNG™  components and processes.  Patents are approved or pending in the major world markets for components and processes at the heart of HDCNG™ processing, delivery and utilisation.

HDCNG™ technology is presently demonstrated in high horsepower mining applications and road fleets.

The IntelliGas Group has offices and workshops in Crestmead Queensland.