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Company Directors

Paul Whiteman

Executive Director and CEO

Paul was a founding partner of ASX listed Energy Developments Limited (EDL), which was established in 1988 and listed in 1993. During his 15 years with EDL Paul served as Chief Operating Officer, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director. EDL became arguably Australia’s leading energy and gas industry innovator, pioneering land fill and coal seam methane generation, and CNG innovations resulting in Australia’s first “virtual pipeline” including prime mover fuelling using CNG.

Prior to his time with EDL Paul had 18 years’ experience in oil and gas production, including 15 years management and supervision with Esso Australia limited in Bass Strait and the Gulf of Mexico (USA) operations, and 3 years as Production Manager for ASX Listed TMOC Resources Ltd.

Since his retirement from EDL, Paul has developed a number of entities that comprise the Paul Whiteman Family Group which includes iGas Energy Holdings Limited. These interests also included pump manufacture through ownership of Multiflo Pty Ltd, and transportable building manufacture and property development through Mosaic Developments Pty Ltd.

Derek Fekete

Executive Director

Derek  joined ASX listed Energy Developments Limited  at graduation and spent 15 years with EDL as an engineer pioneering technologies in landfill gas, coal seam methane, LNG and CNG. His role included electrical and control engineering, power station and gas facility engineering and construction, operations management and business development in Australia and the USA. He held the position of Executive General Manager Business Developments for EDL prior to his resignation in 2004.

Subsequent to his EDL career, Derek joined Mosaic Developments Pty Ltd and became involved in a number of residential and industrial property developments and the establishment of Mosaic’s modular building manufacturing facilities. 

He is presently focussed on establishing the IntelliGas Group of Companies, which are developing the technology that is the subject of this document. Derek is a Graduate Engineer from the University of Queensland, and has a Master of Business Administration from Griffith University.

Jim McDonald  (1940-2016)

Foundation Chairman

Jim was the foundation Chairman of IntelliGas.  Jim was also the foundation Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of ASX Listed Australian Pipeline Limited, responsible entity for the Australian Pipeline Trust (now APA Group), a position he held from the IPO of the Trust in March 2000 until his retirement in July 2005. Prior to that he, he was General Manager Pipelines Division of the Australian Gas Light Company from 1996 to 2000, having worked in various pipeline positions with AGL from 1986, including as CEO of NT Gas Pty Ltd and East Australian Pipeline Limited, in which Companies AGL held majority interests.Prior to his time with AGL, Jim also spent 15 years with ESSO Australia Limited in oil and gas production operations and management in both Bass Strait and the Gulf of Mexico (USA).

Jim’s industry experience included Board membership of the Australian Gas Association, the Australian Council for Infrastructure Development, and the Australian Pipeline Industry Association (APIA). In APIA he served as Treasurer and Board member for a number of years, including two terms as President. He was awarded Life Membership of APIA.

Jim had major Board experience having been Chairman of ASX listed WDS Limited and Vortex Pipes Limited, and a Director of ASX Listed Pearl Street Limited and Westpac Funds Limited. He completed a term of six years as a Director of Westpac owned Hastings Funds Management Limited, the Responsible Entity for a number of Listed and Unlisted Funds. He also served for three years as the foundation Chairman of Energy Pipelines CRC Limited, the Company responsible for co-operative research on behalf of the Research and Standards Committee of APIA.

Jim was a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and his stewardship of the IntelliGas business remains embedded in IntelliGas corporate DNA.

Ken Hall

Non-executive Director

Ken is a power generation specialist and was the founder and Managing Director of Kalgoorlie Power Systems Pty Ltd a West Australian based specialist remote power station developer and owner. This successful business was acquired by Pacific Energy Australia (PEA), an ASX listed power generation specialist, in May 2009. 

Ken remained with Kalgoorlie Power Systems following the acquisition and is a Director and major shareholder of PEA.  As at July 2013, PEA had 238 Megawatts (MW) of power generation capacity installed at remote mining sites throughout Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory, and a further 6 MW of hydro-electric generation capacity in Victoria.