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HDCNG™ is natural gas compressed, stored and dispensed at pressures of 350 barg (5076 psig) to provide high energy density compressed natural gas as fuel for large fixed and mobile applications such as mining machinery, remote power generation, highway trucks and rail locomotives.

HDCNG™ is stored in and dispensed from high pressure light weight composite overwrap vessels, operating up to 438 barg (6345 psig). Such vessels are manufactured from high strength light weight composite materials such as carbon fibre, having had their genesis in the aerospace programs and hydrogen storage, operating at pressures in excess of 700 barg (10152 psig).

HDCNG™ is a viable and economic alternative to imported liquid fuel such as diesel in heavy duty vehicles when suitable engines are used. Recent developments in engine technology are rapidly making such engines available for these heavy duty high horsepower applications.

HDCNG™ is a substantial improvement on conventional CNG, is a viable alternative to LNG as a mechanism to store and transport natural gas and has several distinct advantages over LNG.

HDCNG™ will improve vehicle range as well as reduce the space claim, weight claim and cost of CNG in gas fuelled fleets such as passenger buses, box trucks and refuse vehicles.

HDCNG™ is able to be transported economically via trailer mounted "virtual pipelines" to locations where pipelines are not viable, enabling natural gas to displace diesel as fuel in remote power generators, drill rigs and mining machinery.