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The IntelliGas Cool5000™ System contains a number of unique but inter-dependent items of equipment that enable chilled HDCNG™ to be manufactured, stored, transferred, transported and used as fuel in high horsepower fixed and moblie engines:

  • Intelligas iStore™ Integrated HDCNG™ High Density Storage and Dispensing Modules
  • ChillFill™ Chilled  HDCNG™ Cylinder Filling Process
  • Intelligas HDCNG™ Fuel Pack for Heavy Duty Trucks
  • Intelligas Booster for HPDI engines


The IntelliGas Cool5000 components can be either a stand alone HDCNG™ system, or added to the conventional 200+ barg CNG systems used on existing CNG service stations.


High horsepower natural gas engines are now available in dual fuel, spark ignition and soon diesel cycle (HPDI) models for a wide range of fixed and mobile applications. All such gas engines use CNG as fuel. When liquefied natural gas (LNG) tanks are used, the LNG is converted to CNG before use.

HDCNG™ has many benefits relative to LNG, including price, availability, scalability and ease of storage, transport and handling.

HDCNG™ is a viable, low cost alternative to liquid fuel for all such engines and with the high energy density that results from patent pending methods of full fill at 350 barg, is an economic alternative to LNG.