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Demonstration Trucks  

IntelliGas has three Western Star prime movers as demonstration units in tow hire service in transport fleets in Queensland. The first two trucks have completed many tens of thousands of kilometres under loaded conditions.

Greenhouse gas emission reduction of 27% is achieved with diesel displacement of 93%, and noxious and particulate emissions are also reduced.


The trucks are Western Star T4800's fitted with a 550 HP Westport HPDI engine which is based on a Cummins ISX 15 litre engine.

The truck in this photograph is fitted with an IntelliGas Fuel Pack  mounted vertically behind the cab, together with a horizontal Fuel Pack and an IntelliGas Booster system mounted horizontally on the chassis rail.

The Westport engine uses both CNG and diesel. CNG is injected directly into the engine at 300 barg (nom.) with diesel (average 7%) as pilot fuel. 

The Westport engine fuelled with 93% HDCNG displays the same power and torque characteristics as the same engine fuelled with 100% diesel, with similar efficiency and fuel consumption outcomes.

The engine produces robust performance in high ambient temperature applications, is capable of high load factor operation, and is emission certified to Australian Design Rules