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HDCNG™ Refuelling Modules

The Cool5000™ HDCNG™ Refuelling Module  is a storage and discharge system which utilizes an environmentally benign hydraulic fluid to transfer HDCNG into and out of the storage cylinders using simple plunger pumps. The process maintains the HDCNG at relatively constant pressure during both fill and empty cycles, eliminating both the heat of compression when filling and pressure loss when emptying.

Hydraulic displacement of HDCNG allows over 90% of the capacity of the storage cylinders to be discharged at constant high rates with constant and low input power consumption.

Alternatively the IntelliGas Boost From Storage System is available and incorporates an IntelliGas Booster to boost pressure from storage to the pressure required for low temperature HDCNG™ to be dispensed to the on-board Fuel Pack.


These Storage Refuelling Modules are now available in sizes ranging from low cost small scale systems that support existing cascade storage systems to large high capacity systems for greenfields sites that set new benchmarks for the gas industry.