About Us

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IntelliGas is uniquely placed in the expertise and experience that it has in developing and delivering innovative Waste Energy solutions, including;
  • Landfill Gas extraction and conversion to energy,
  • Conversion of biogas and natural gas to displace Diesel as
  • Collection and processing of waste oils to create high-value end products
  • Analysis of waste streams and commercial conditions to identify appropriate waste processing technologies; and
  • Working with waste stream owners and technology providers to design, develop and deliver Waste Energy solutions that provide positive economic and environmental outcomes

Landfill Gas Analysis and Value Add
•IntelliGas has extensive and successful experience in determining the inherent energy content in landfills globally
•This includes the safe establishment of wells, testing and reporting  facilities on site
•IntelliGas is able to quickly define the composition and quantity of gas available, as well as end markets
•IntelliGas’ executives pioneered the Landfill Gas extraction industry globally, and have the capability to ensure the safe installation of gas extraction infrastructure on site
•IntelliGas has access to patented solutions that enable landfill gas to be created into electricity and / or value-added end fuels, including HDRNG™ or HDCNG

Heavy Vehicle Fuel Conversion

•IntelliGas has the internal resources to convert heavy vehicles from Diesel to HDCNG and HDRNG™
•This includes Refuse vehicles, Mining Trucks and other heavy vehicles
•The transfer to HDRNG™ or HDCNG will reduce the cost of fuel to owners and reduce maintenance requirements

Waste to Energy Design and Delivery

•Through its experience, IntelliGas is uniquely placed to design and deliver proven and commercially beneficial Waste to Energy solutions that meet the requirements of the owner, waste available and community
•This includes sourcing the appropriate technology and developing a process that will ensure the best outcomes
IntelliGas is also able to work with regulations and financing to commission and operate projects

Click here for more information on our Waste To Energy project at Maddingley, in Victoria, Australia.